Sorry we don't have any kittens at the moment, but we have plans.

Jolie got 6 kittens 21.11.2006 and the father is EC Godfather's Åke Blomqvist . Here kittens are 7 days old.


1.  Chatvallon Royal Charlotte
     MCO n 22, female
     Owner: Riku Kiuttu, Raisio

2.  Chatvallon Royal Victoria
     MCO n 22, female
     Owner: Heli Laurikkala, Tampere

3.  Chatvallon Royal Caroline
     MCO ns 09 22, female     
     Owner: Sera Lehtonen, Hausjärvi, (web pages)

4.  Chatvallon Grand Duke Henri
     MCO n 09 22, male

5.  Chatvallon Royal Stephanie
     MCO n 09 22, female
     Owner: Ulla Johansson, Tampere

6.  Chatvallon Royal Madeleine
     MCO ns 09 22, female
     Owner: Ulla Johansson, Tampere

Show results:
     Ex1, Best in Variety and nominated for BIS, 19.5.2007, PIROK, Tampere, Finland
     Ex1, 20.5.2007, PIROK, Tampere, Finland